Remembering Steve

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steve.jpgHe went by the Insiders handle NUHUSKER. Steve McCoy.succumbed to cancer over two years ago in July 2015. He was a tireless advocate for all veterans and made frequent visits to our wounded men and women in hospitals and care facilities. Over the years, Steve and I would call each other, I'd learn of the progress of his diagnosis and treatments and his journey trying to beat the disease.


When the cell phones were finally turned back on just after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Steve was the first to call me and ask how our daughter, who ran the race, was. Thankfully she was OK but saw much too much that day to ever forget.  Steve gave us comfort just by calling.


That was Steve, always caring for others. We shared a bond that was more than hotel commentary, more than just chats


Steve proudly served in the Air Force for over two decades. I want to remember Steve not only as a caring friend, but as a member of an elite group, military veterans, whom we honor tomorrow.