fresh BITES - how can we get real service back?

Discussion created by private001 on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by cnardelli

as a lifelong Platinum member, I am dismayed by the new run towards cheapness and lack of service. from when I enter the room , Marriott "begs" me not to do room service in return for "points", than in my bathroom, I get another round reminder that Marriott rather not to my towels either.


Then  I try to order food, I am told , no substitutions, paper cubs, plastic forks and paper bags, in something horrible called "fresh BITES"... no tray, table, service, and an additional $5 bucks charge if I don't pick it up myself in the lobby.


What the H**l happened to the marriott I spent 1100 nights with?  If it just a race to the bottom to become Spirit Airlines, Ryan air, and Motel-8???  If so, please remind me why I should not stay at Hilton, or give Hyatt a chance to earn my loyalty??


is ANYONE listening??!!