Marriott, Google, NSA - What's the difference?

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The True Story of Apple's "1984" Ad's First Broadcast ...


Take a look at the following 'chat' I had with the online Help that drops down when you are looking up hotels;

(I was looking up Maui's Cat. 8 trying to help tnicoll regarding Travel Packages ***) Insiders, nipper

techie vaboywnder  rlswider and all other Insider tech gurus, is this how it works? They (the infamous They) know when we're online and what we're doing (I asked the question when the rep thanked me for my loyalty as a Rewards Member);


Agent Greg O( 0s ) Greg O: You have been connected to Greg O. How may I help you?

( 52s ) Visitor: I'm looking at the cat. 8 maui property

( 1m 6s ) Visitor: wailea beach resort

( 1m 41s ) Visitor: My question - is there an early departure fee? I.E. - I book until saturday (using points) and leave on Thursday - thanks

( 2m 3s ) Greg O: Good afternoon! Thank you so much for your loyalty as a Rewards Member. I would be happy to assist you today with any reservation assistance you may need. One moment while I research this for you.

( 3m 43s ) Greg O: It does look like their would not be a early departure fee if you would leave early.

( 4m 8s ) Visitor: thanks - here's my next question - more of a curiosity - do you have my data in front of you?

( 4m 40s ) Greg O: I do. I show your dates and rewards account as well.

( 5m 1s ) Visitor: wow - big brother/google sort of stuff - isn't it? ha

( 5m 8s ) Visitor: I'm not signed in

( 5m 57s ) Greg O: lol typically it shows me your information when you are logged in. It also shows what hotel and dates you are looking at as well.

( 6m 26s ) Visitor: Yeah, but I'm not logged in

( 6m 41s ) Visitor: or do you mean logged in on the computer?

( 7m 16s ) Greg O: It would be logged in on the computer.

( 7m 46s ) Visitor: wow - but you don't know what I had for lunch...or do you? Ha, thank you for your help.

( 7m 54s ) Visitor: So long

( 8m 30s ) Greg O: Not yet! lol Have a great day!

( 8m 37s ) Visitor: thanks - byeHoly cow! by Harry Caray @ Like Success



tnicoll - I'm in total agreement with you about the 5 day travel package - you certainly deserve its availability. What Marriott seems to forget is that everyone used to be eligible for either a 5 or 7 day travel package. They took the 5 day away from non time share owners and called it a benefit (sort of like Plats have the cancellation benefit - after losing the cancellation benefit), another Marriott enhancement.