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Reconsideration of the 7 night flight and hotel package

Question asked by tnicoll on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2017 by laketahoe

I seem to find myself writing on the insider blog when issues arise.  I am a loyal Marriott customer achieving Lifetime Platinum within 5.5 years of joining.  I have achieved Platinum Premier (which I assume I achieved because of my many paid nights out per year?) for the past 2 years.  I have never taken advantage of the flight and hotel package because I don't want to stay in one place for that long.  I just got off the platinum line to ask them about my dilemma but by the time I got off the phone I only had more issues than before. 


I want to book 5 nights for a Maui trip... I also need 120k airline miles for the trip.  After reviewing the 7 night package, it was clear to me that I would save 100k points by getting the package than doing them separately.  This is my beef though... I heard vacation owners can purchase a 5 night flight and hotel package but regular lifetime members cannot.  Why not?  The representative kindly stated that they paid a lump sum for their vacation destination and also an annual fee to maintain the property.  I agreed with her but the math still doesn't add up!  If I took the 900+ nights that I've slept out and multiplied it by a simple $100 a night (low balling it), technically speaking, I have invested over $90k into Marriott over the past 5 years.  Can anyone argue that the vacation owners spent that much?  I am assuming some but at the property presentation I attended in California, they only wanted $55k for me to join the vacation club (with annual fees). 


I'm also concerned because if I get the 7 night package (category 8) and depart early, I will be charged an early departure fee from the resort.  It was bad enough that a resort fee is now added on top of the points (use to be combined).  I think Marriott should reconsider the 7 night package for those that have spent countless nights with them.  Yes, vacation owners do spend an upfront fee to get into the program but clearly I can argue that I've invested just as much or more through my stays. Thoughts from the group about this or ways to avoid wasting more of my points?