Highlights from Marriott's Earning Report

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1) Marriott beat Wall Street estimates and hit an all time high stock price today. They increased their forecast for revenue per available room (Revpar) and raised for the third time this year profit estimate. please don't threaten to take your business elsewhere, you'll hurt their feelings

Marriott intends to focus next year on the upscale to luxury segment. anything to keep those rabid SPGers happy

3) Marriott is continuing with its Sheraton turnaround as they will have removed 6,000 Sheraton rooms this year and another 4,000 rooms next year. They have added 3,500 new Sheraton rooms since the acquisition.

4) Asia-Pacific region and of course, China is going gangbusters, their index performance in Asia has been 'spectacular'. The Alibaba partnership is "off to a great start". Marriott is having "great sign ups in the loyalty program through Alibaba, with the kinds of Chinese customers we want to have". we can finally get rid of those pesky Insiders

5) Even though hurricanes closed five Florida hotels and five Texas hotels the two states outperformed (no doubt as refugees checked in). 18 hotels were damaged and/or closed in the Caribbean as performance was hurt there.

6) No winner was announced for our highly successful, low cost
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just seeing if anyone read this far down