Hotel Review: SpringHill Suites Los Angeles Burbank/Downtown

Discussion created by dmcannon on Nov 7, 2017

This hotel reflects the decor that Marriott seems to think is fresh or something, which means you'll like it if you have a thing for orange. I guess that is OK, although I lean towards more traditional decor.


The staff was pleasant and friendly, willing to help out when needed. This was a good thing, as there were a few problems with the room and/or housekeeping - more on that later. The lobby was clean and welcoming.


Breakfast was relatively good, although some of the "healthier" offerings were a little suspect (for example, the "fresh fruit" provided was canned peaches one day and over-the-hill watermelon a couple of others). Additionally, the seating was inadequate for a hotel this size (overflow was provided, but well away from the buffet area).


Internet was adequate, but not something to write home about - especially if you were using an online means of doing so. Perhaps the system was overburdened...


I should mention that this property charges $16/night for parking. While parking fees seems to be common in the Los Angeles area, this seemed a bit high (yeah, I know that it's $40+ in Beverly Hills, but this is Burbank). Someone once mentioned that a perk of being Platinum Premier might include free parking...that would have been nice here.


As to the room, it was clean and spacious. My wife was unhappy about the sliding door with the obscured glass for the bathroom - not due to bashfulness, but because it allowed light from the bath to glow directly on the bed. Also, the shower frequently suffered from lower water pressure and often required being run for several minutes to get any hot water. Otherwise, the bath was large and provided plenty of counter space for two adults. It would have been a little nicer if the A/C was a little quieter, but I have suffered from far worse. Also, the coffee service was set up for only one person all but one day (one regular, one decaf), even though I had mentioned this the first day of our stay; I don't recall such frugality at any other location I have stayed at, although I do not frequently use this particular brand.


Finally, I think the stay would have been a bit better with a nicer view - not sure what the upgrade policy is at this particular property, but a mountain view would have certainly been better than a view of the industrial park and freeway. They did seem pretty busy, so maybe nothing else was available...again, the room was nice, it was just the substandard view. I should mention that I was staying on points, which might have made a difference.