Totally Wierd-unacceptable experience at "Richmond Marriott, Short Pump" in Glenn Allen, VA

Discussion created by hillbilly007 on Nov 7, 2017
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I was recently on trip to Richmond area, and I was staying property at Richmond Marriott Short Pump.


when I first checked in late night, I felt something sort of weird vibe from Check-in person, no greetings, no welcome...... totally strange.




then on my last night, I was sound as sleep , and in middle of night (around 12am) this front desk person, opens my room door using their master key, and talking in hi-pitch tone to show room to another potential guest, my guess. Not ready for an unexpected visit, I got up with shock, and shouted in direction of person, I realized it was same front-desk person.


It took me few moments to realize, that what had just happened......I went down to front desk lobby, and asked for manager, but no one was going to be there until next morning. This person came down back , and I asked her, why this had happened, and shouldn't they have known better that I was still checked-in....... Person basically was not even sorry, and just flat-out denied that any wrongdoing, had happened on their side.


I was hardly to able to get any rest after this whole episode, and I had rough next morning flight to catch few hundred miles away. In the morning I saw few buses on their property, which made me realize that this guys just wanted to shove some folks in rooms, and wanted to give away rooms, that they felt that could possibly just upswell, if no one was not there .....



I didnt give up, and wrote an email note to Properties General manager, and so far no response from them ......


My first thought was, how could this even be a "Marriott property" with such rude, unruly attitude ?


Secondly, Is personal space, and privacy of no importrance to this guys ..... I wish someone looked into floor cameras for that night, and all would be clearly known.


Last, but not least, they even charged me for that night, but property folks had no response to issue I let them know In formal complain.


So basically, we will take your money, but Marriott elite customer, who ?!


Marriott Team, I hope some action is taken here, and some amends are made.


- Bankim