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Discussion created by dmcannon on Nov 4, 2017
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So, there are several discussions relating to the badges, but none seem to get definitive answers for status. Moderators have stated in a few discussions that the program ended, but then folks mention they get bonus points for achieving badges (they can’t actually see them unless they log in to the UK site, but that’s another matter).


So, is the program dead or not? If it is dead, what is Marriott’s reasoning for discontinuing a program that likely cost them next to nothing to provide? My own thoughts on this lean towards an IT department that seems inept, at best, so adding another layer was too much burden for them. Just getting their various iterations of Web sites to work seems a challenge, so maybe they needed to lessen the burden.


As an aside, was ANYBODY able to earn that 1,000 ”Road Warrior” badge? I’m Lifetime Platinum and the best I was able to do was the 100 night badge (and it appears I’ll never get beyond that now).