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Does a Platinum Challenge carry over year to year?

Question asked by dponthego on Nov 6, 2017

I am currently at 49 nights for the year and will not reach the 75 needed to become platinum again for next year.  If I get a free stay credited to my total on my birthday (November 13), that will put me at 50 to renew gold status for next year.  I have a couple of stays scheduled for work in the next few weeks before the end of the year and will gladly take those rollover nights once I hit 50.  If I asked for a Platinum Challenge to start on the morning of November 15 (when my next stay is scheduled that night), would my three months to get nine stays to get back to Platinum start then and carry over through February 15?  Thanks for the insight.  Also, I'm not going for the credit cards at this point, so no need to mention them in your response.


(Note:  communitymanagers please do not read this message and start me on a platinum challenge TODAY.  If I do it, I want to wait until November 15 so I have all the time possible to get my stays.  Thanks!  )