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Definition of a Stays vs Nights?

Question asked by jd4859 on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by deboraschofield

Good Day All,

I need some clarification on a stay vs nights.


      I'm fairly new to all these promos so forgive me right now for not CLEARLY understanding how all this stuff works.

Here we go...I recently enrolled into the Mega-Bonus promo stating if you have 7 Stays at a Marriott Hotel you will receive 10,000 points towards your account; plus 1,000 extra points PER stay after that.


     Marriott defines a STAY as listed under their terms and conditions as the following: "*A 'stay' is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/check-out activity." Well, I stayed at the same hotel for 9 consecutive days.To my understanding, I have met the requirements for this Promo; or at least I thought so...


     I chatted with one Marriott representative using the CHAT feature on and she stated that once those 9 days were posted to my account, exceeding the minimum requirement by Marriott, then I would have 10,000 points added to my account. Seems like me and the rep were on the same page.However, when my account updated, there were no 10,000 points added to the account.

     This time I called and spoke with a representative from Marriott, and she stated that I would have to "STAY" at 7 different Marriott hotels; i.e. Courtyard, Residence Inn, etc. in order to achieve 7 stays for the promo. Which in a way makes sense, because each time my account updates, I see different "STAYS" posted.


     However the definition in the terms and conditions within the PROMO and what the rep, who I spoke with on the phone, told me don't align in my opinion. Along with the rep who I chatted with and agreed to my original thing.


1. Can someone please help clarify this distinction between the two?

2. Am I right?

3. Was the rep who I spoke with on the phone right?

4. Should I be rewarded due to the misinterpretation listed under the terms and Conditions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!