Email for the Marriott Wailea Beach Resort?

Discussion created by lakeshore on Nov 3, 2017
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Our family is headed to Maui to celebrate Mr. Lakeshore's birthday. I like to email ahead of time to ask about different options for our stay as a family, and especially when we are going to be celebrating a birthday. So, I called the Platinum Rewards line and they could only find one generic email, and they gave me the name of the GM. So I emailed but I have not heard back. I know he is extremely busy, but I thought someone might have responded. So, I was wondering if any of you Insiders might have another email or contact person I could use. Thank you so much!


We are looking forward to our trip. The last two times we have been in Maui, once 11 years ago, and then last year,  the Marriott Wailea has been under huge renovations, so we have stayed elsewhere. So now we are excited to see the changes that have been made, and finally stay with them.


I will let you know how it goes! Maui is a lovely island!


Happy Travels,