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Rude hotel staff gossiping about guests?

Question asked by radavis22 on Nov 2, 2017
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Hey all,


I recently completed a post-stay survey for a property I stayed on for a wedding - the Liberty Station San Diego Courtyard Marriott. I had one serious issue with my room - it was not clean when I arrived (meaning, after I was checked in and went up to my room, the room still had full garbage cans from its previous tenants), so I let them know about that, and then I provided a bit of constructive criticism, saying that similar properties don't charge for things like breakfast or parking so I was shocked that they would. I wasn't outraged or anything, it was more just to suggest that in order to stay competitive with other 3* properties, they should be building those things into the rates, which I think is a very fair critique. No action was needed on their end, but they wrote me an email.


The woman (supervisor) who responded wasn't rude, but she did check me on some of the facts and came off a bit defensive. She had a reason for why they did everything and gave me a lesson on the difference between Courtyard and Residence properties (which I very well knew), and honestly all I wanted was a "thanks, we'll pass on your feedback". I responded and told her this, because it bothered me that in the hospitality industry, an industry representing the highest standard of customer service, someone would be so defensive in their response to feedback.


Shortly after, I received an email from a different man (the GM of the property), and he was even more defensive. He clearly didn't read what I said and continued to tell me that I was "mistaken" and that he didn't understand why I didn't like his colleague's very professional response. Again, when you're in the hospitality industry, you NEED to be hospitable and accommodating to your customer, so despite giving a road map to future satisfaction in any e-mail responses to me, he went on the defensive YET AGAIN. I was willing to let this go, until a couple hours later I received an email from another person on this property, this time the Operations Manager, CLEARLY an email that was not meant for me to see, essentially talking about how annoying our wedding party was and that they talked about us in their staff meeting, and how we would never be satisfied and would always complain no matter what.


I was ABSOLUTELY shocked and appalled that such gossip would go around and that someone who is an operations manager at this property could be so awful to send this email to me, even on accident. I, of course, responded and called them out for gossiping about us and they apologized but it was just lacking. I tried to reach out to the corporate care email as well as the corporate Marriott Twitter but there seems to be radio silence on corporate's end.


SO, my question is: has anyone experienced this? Is there any sort of recourse? At this point, I've given this property $800 of my own money and I just feel gross about it after hearing all the nasty things they had to say, as well as how they approached any sort of customer service issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone!