Worst Experience Ever with the Rewards Call Center

Discussion created by email4thomasr on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by communitymanagers

I just had the two worst experiences with the rewards call center possible.  Cindy and a supervisor Deborah.  I was accused of calling Cindy a liar, on hold for nearly 45min of an call over an hour and had to call in again to get Deborah, a supervisor that did not seem to care about how I was treated.  Cindy was horrible, would not listen, accused me of breaking rules and and claimed none of my nights will be credited towards my account????


This call was on 11/2/17, around 11:30am EST.  Someone in the call center needs to listen to this call and help!


Then Deborah tells me I'm the problem and refuese to allow me to speak to a manager???  then hangs up?


I am about ready to use my remaining points, never stay at a Marriot property again and close my rewards chase account.


How can i reach a manager, AVP or VP that can help.  Do I need to call corporate HQ?


Any input would be helpful.