You Elite Members, You Want Recognition?

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Then visit The Woodlands Hotel | The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center if you want that special and much deserved recognition.


We often see Insider's remarking about a complete lack of recognition for their loyalty to Marriott over the years so time to recognize those who recognize us.  Yes, Marriott sure could improve in that area (among others) and make it a priority for associates to thank those of us for return visits to the same property as well as continued return visits to Marriott in general.


Last Saturday night we stayed at The Woodlands Hotel | The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center and upon arriving at the Mobile Check-In desk were greeted by Lina (pretty sure nationwide who is a frequent visitor as well knows who I'm talking about) who repeatedly thanked us for our loyalty during our small talk with getting our room key.  We have repeated stays at this property close to home and each time we receive a similar greeting and welcome back. 


As we watched in the lobby bar as our adored Astros pitchers toss up a few melons for Dodger hitters in the 9th inning to get even at two wins apiece in the World Series, Laurin came over to ask if we would like another glass of wine (afer that game are you kidding....YES).  Upon returning and dropping off our wine she says, "Thank you Mr. and Mrs IAH for loyalty to Marriott over the years and for your lifetime status with us.  We appreciate that as well as your loyalty to The Waterway Marriott"!


WOW, that shocked me almost as much as how the 9th inning turned out even though it shouldn't have at this hotel based on our previous visits.  Even the guy sitting next to us commented on her thoughtful words as that's they type of thing that will keep bringing him back to Marriott.  We talked with the gentleman for a couple of minutes and both of us have had repeated stays at this property and find it to be on of the best run hotels around the Marriott brand.


So thank you Laurin and Lina.  I will make it a priority of calling the excellent GM of the hotel Mr. Fred Domenick to pass along the excellent reception and warm appreciation we received.  "Keep on keepin' on"!!!!