Concierge Lounge Review: Philadelphia Downtown Marriott

Discussion created by clebert on Oct 29, 2017
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Where are you, Non-Bob? ... Philadelphia Downtown Marriott, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


And what's the lounge like? One of the highest floors of the hotel. Quite large, as this is a very large hotel.  Lots of different TVs and a combo of table/chair and sofa type seating.  Hotel is in need of a remodel, and so is the CL.  But it's perfectly fine and furnishings are not worn out - just older and a bit dated.


How's the evening food? Also quite nice. Salad, fruit, cheese, crackers, and a couple of warm entrees. Easy to make a meal. No one will go hungry here.  Good variety of desserts.  Staff in CL was very polite and friendly.  There was an attendant near the door taking down peoples' last names and room numbers, and you did need your key to access the CL itself and the CL floor via elevator.


Any free alcohol? Nope. US lounges don't offer free booze, though there is an evening bar with an attendant present.


What are the hours? Breakfast 7 days a week.  Appetizers/dessert Sunday through Thursday only.  Lounge open all day long every day of the week, but not 24 hours. 


Are they being meanies and closing the lounge on weekends? No!  They serve breakfast 7 days a week, plus the lounge itself is open for bottled water, soda or coffee 7 days a week.


How about Gold/Platinum breakfast? Typical CL fare. Eggs, bacon or sausage, oatmeal, fruit, cold cereal. Nothing fancy, though plenty of options.  Nice selection of pastries and juices. 


Upgrades? The place was sold out, so I got a regular room on a middle floor with no view and nothing special.  It was fine.  It faced toward the back of the building so it was quiet which was much better to me than having a view towards a noisy street.  It was remarkably quiet for being right in the middle of a bustling city.  No complaints.


Late checkout? Didn't need it, but it was available.


Comments... This was a nice lounge with good service and not overcrowded.  The staff was friendly but not intrusive.  It was a solid lounge, and even though the hotel itself is a bit outdated and in need of some updates, it was just fine for my purposes.  Compared to other Marriott or SPG options in downtown Philadelphia, it was priced right to reflect the fact that it's a bit older and not especially luxurious, so I think it was pretty decent value for a city in the US on the east coast which is known to be expensive.  Location is great if you want access to business or touristy stuff in Philadelphia, and this hotel is connected to the Convention Center.  Jefferson train station empties out right at the convention center so it couldn't be any more convenient to get to or from the airport or around the city.


So, I'm in the concierge lounge at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott, and it's really good. 4/5