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Question asked by betterdays on Oct 29, 2017
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As a leisure traveler and relatively late comer to the game of lifetime statuses, I've been very interested in finding some sort of way that might get me some sort of status before the loyalty programs merge.  Not sure if it is in the cards, but I've been thinking.  All of my current points are in the Marriott Rewards program so I considered getting the Starwood Amex and converting the bonus Starpoints to MR points to boost my lifetime total.  Upon further reading, I learned that Starpoints converted to MR points do NOT count towards your lifetime total.  Oh well.  Nice idea.  However another thought occurred to me.  Receiving MR points transferred from one member DO count towards the lifetime total of the member who receives them. 




What if my wife gets the SPG Amex, earns the points, converts them to MR points and transfers those points to me? Will my wife's converted points count towards my lifetime status in the MR program?  Or do these converted points retain their "converted" identity and add nothing to my lifetime status?