The Whiskey Experience - A Marriott Moment

Discussion created by erc on Oct 27, 2017
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  Last night I participated in my first Marriott Rewards Experience, sibling to the SPG Moments. If you recall, it was a fixed priced (vs. an auction bid) Whiskey Tasting for two at the Washington DC Renaissance Downtown, a nice property we like to stay at once or twice a year. The price was a bargain 5,000 Marriott points and the entire event was well planned and executed.
  We tasted Highland Park spirits which were distilled on the island of Orkney, the northernmost part of Scotland.
  Scheduled to taste four whiskeys, retail priced from $40 to $150 we were provided a 'surprise' fifth tasting of their newest batch whiskey. This was essentially the tone of the evening, under promise and over deliver and led to an excellent time and of course at 5k points, a superb value.
  Below are some photos from the event. The event was well managed through a consortium of agencies. Correspondence came from Maritz a Missouri a marketing services company dealing in incentives, meeting planning and customer experiences. The event itself was run by the founder of Revel (not to be confused, like I initially did, with Revelry Agency, the group that furnishes Insiders its moderators) a Boston firm that specializes in experiential product and program development. The whiskey was described by a 'brand ambassador' from a firm that reps brands and the event even had a storyteller (no kidding, that's what is on his business card) that in between tastings gave us background tales about Vikings and Norse gods. Renaissance also had some F & B managers there. All were effective and it was evident that all were intent on the evening being a big success - which it was. We were given a departing gift bag upon leaving, along with a nice keepsake glass and of course, the whiskey was enjoyable.
  As well run as last night was, I'll certainly dive back into the site digging for fixed price experiences and will even keep an eye out for auctions if it appears the bidding won't get too frothy. Oh, and by the way, during the discussion, office building construction was going on, providing some sounds of the city. No big deal to me (nor seemingly any other participant) but the event organizer feeling it might have interfered with the stories and descriptions, informed us that we would be refunded our points!  



             The room was set up to provide a Viking feel                              We were welcomed with a cocktail and canapes


            Short ribs, sushi, and several other canapes             The Limited Edition (750 bottles) bonus taste