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As a 7 year Marriott Loyalist. With 547 lifetime nights and 950k total points and almost 200 nights in Marriott over the last 2 years. If you stayed at the same hotel for 2 months and had continuous issues such as lack of or no Hot water, AC wouldn't cool. Then when you reported the issue the GM simply indicated you might be causing the issue yourself. Then if you asked for assistance to resolve the issue everyone Ghosted you. Would you complain and would you continue to stay at the same hotel chain/brand? What do you find most valuable in your stays?


1. Cleanliness

2. Working TV

3. Hot Water

4. AC that cools


Hotels are my home away from home most of the time and with the cost of hotels these basic necessities are essential. Or maybe I should expect the hotels to be similar to the slumlords of the 50's and 60's.