issue related to lowest price guarantee

Discussion created by surenderchauhan on Oct 26, 2017
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I am a new member to this community and started using Marriott as an option to book my stay. but i am facing an issue in the first booking itself. As I plan my holidays well in advance so I book also much in advance to avail the early bird offer with price guarantee as happens with leading hotel chains. Here also I booked directly at an early stage but if you find much lower rate later when you are almost near your dates, what will be your thought at that moment ? If I raise the issue then I am told that best price guarantee is only for within 24 hours of booking ? I paid more than 30000 RUB for an accomodation for which the quote I found later on was just 20000 RUB. I wrote an email but got the reply that best price guarantee is only within 24 hours of booking made. I cant understand that. I have the snapshots available with me showing the much lower price for the the same property, same date, same number of people and same selection. can anybody tell me where to raise the issue. If I have raised my issue on a wrong platform here, I am sorry for that.