Unscrupulous, Unprofessional, and Incompetent

Discussion created by aurellian on Oct 26, 2017
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The Marriott Rewards Team is unscrupulous, unprofessional, and incompetent.  Prior to departing Afghanistan I enrolled in challenges for both AA and Marriott.  After meeting the requisites for both programs I called in to expedite the status update. When calling in to Marriott I was informed that they had no record of me requesting the challenge. I was stupified as i called in to request missing credits at least 2x during  the challenge period. The customer service rep agreed that my fervent changing of hotels in one city was indicative of someone attempting to meet a challenge. However, she stated that a supervisor would have to make the call. A supervisor named Gavin then took over the cal and revealed himself to be both incompetent and unprofessional. He admitted that Marriott had no way to confirm Challenges and that customer service reps were sometimes lazy on their documentation.  I escalated the situation to his boss, Jolene, who screamed,  used foul language, and proclaimed that she was in charge. She then with inexplicable logic, said that the fact that I emailed 2x in 2 months inquiring about missing stays indicated that I was not enrolled in Challenge because I would have asked about it during this communication. Marriott's shabby treatment of elite members is beyond the pale and their failure to fix the problem is even more concerning. I have contacted leading industry writers to disseminate the facts.