Anniversary Celebration

Discussion created by curiousone on Oct 25, 2017
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Tuesday afternoon my wife and I took the light rail to downtown Phoenix to spend the night at the Renaissance Phoenix, to celebrate our 36th anniversary. Using mobile check-in that morning I had indicate an expected 3PM arrival. When we arrive at 2:30PM the very nice check-in clerk advised that our reserved room was not ready yet, but that she would upgrade us to a suite that had been recently renovated. When we mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary she promptly gave us a $10 certificate for use at the bar or Elevate (CL). I mentioned to my wife that she would probably give us a second $10 certificate if she knew it was our 36th anniversary. We left with $20 in certificates!

The renovated room was a definite improvement and it was the size of 2 standard rooms. My only complaint, as with most hotel rooms, is the lack of lighting. On the way up we had snagged a copy of the WSJ and I was hoping to read it in the room. Since the Elevate (CL) did not start afternoon appetizers until 5:30PM we went down to the bar to sit next to the open windows, have a couple draft beers and read the WSJ. (It was only 99F outside, so why not roll up the windows?) While we were at the bar, game 1 of the World Series started with the Dodgers vs. Astros. We realized exactly 36 years before our wedding had been delayed because a few of the guys were out in the parking lot listing to the end of game 4 of the Dodgers vs. New York Yankees. We had a nice chat with the waitress and paid our $10 bar tab with a certificate.

Up at the Elevate they had a hot beef/broccoli and white rice (on the side) along with 3 interesting cheeses, salad fixings and the usual CL items. They had a happy hour with $5 beers and wines and a nice selection of liquor available. I asked the cost of the Makers Mark and was told $8. I ordered 1 neat (it was a very generous pour!) to share with my wife and we sat down to eat and watch the World Series. When I got the bill I noticed it was for $10. I asked the waitress and she said that when they pour neat, or on the rocks, they do a “6 count” instead of a “4 count”. She offered to give me a credit of $2 which I refused since we felt we got our monies worth. A few minutes later she came back with a short shot of Makers Mark! We paid our bill with our second certificate and called it a night.

The Elevate opens at 6AM for coffee and breakfast at 6:30AM. When we arrived at 6AM breakfast was already out. Pastries, toast, hot oatmeal, fresh fruits, sausage, scrambled eggs and potatoes. All of the food for Elevate comes out of the kitchen downstairs, so not bad quality. After breakfast we jumped on the light rail home, changed clothes and went to work.

This was our 4th trip to the Renaissance Phoenix and I really consider it a hidden gem. This year it became a Cat 6 so I had to use points, but in previous years it was my Cat 5 Visa renewal night.