Marriott Care's About $$$ Not Customer's (Oxymoronic as it is)

Discussion created by tracy.stone on Oct 24, 2017
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I am reaching out to you in the hopes that you may be able to assist in honoring a hotel rate booked with your hotel but cancelled in error as part of a completely separate block of rooms. To summarize, in May of this year I reserved a room for 10/27/17 at a member rate of $218 planning to stay after a concert that evening. Fast forward to 8/28/17; I am an Operations Manager for the Central Texas for Sprint and with the onset of Hurricane Harvey, I was asked to book hotel rooms and keep them on reserve for displaced employees in the north Houston area. Within a few days, it was determined rooms were no longer needed and I cancelled accordingly and paid for the days we had them on reserve. At the same time, I mistakenly cancelled my personal room reservation as part of the hurricane block cancellation and did not realize this until last night when preparing for my upcoming 10/27 stay. Not seeing my reservation on my Marriott account, I sifted through cancellation confirmations and discovered the error (I didn't know whether I called in to cancel or did it online). I called reservations and spoke to "Olivia" whom I explained the above scenario to, told her the rate I booked and asked if there were rooms available. To my disbelief, she was more concerned with calling out the fact that it was my fault and wanting to admit fault and telling me she "knew for a fact" that I am the one who cancelled the reservation and that if I wanted to book the room I would be billed at the rate of $569. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she placed me on an eternal hold which I eventually hung up from, frustrated at the lack of customer service or empathy for an honest mistake. This morning I noticed she booked the room on my account at the $569 rate even though I never spoke with anyone else in an effort to recover the $218 rate. I emailed the hotel GM and his response was just as uncaring and in so many word condoned the price gouging based on the concert in the area and the World Series, stating that $569 was the best he could do.  That, of course, is false considering the whole reason for my ask was due to the fact that I BOOKED A RATE  OF $215 AND AM WILLING TO PAY THAT BUT AM ASKING FOR HELP DUE TO THE CANCELLATION MISTAKE.  Any bit of investigating and a logical person would see 5 rooms booked during Hurricane Harvey all cancelled within 2 days , 1 room booked in May and cancelled at the same time by accident...Obviously Marriott is more concerned with making a fast buck rather than doing a little research and  taking care of a customer's mistake.  I am hoping for one last chance at someone actually understanding the situation and not just sending or reading a scripted answer.  Thanks.