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We all remember that, but in this case, how about the first Marriott Hotel you ever stayed in?


I guess that my first Marriott time was in the Winter of 1968 at the Marriott Twin Bridges Motor Hotel, located in Arlington Virginia, near the Pentagon where I worked.


This was the first Marriott hotel, opening in 1957 and demolished for freeway expansion in 1990. At its opening, the motel totals 365 rooms, each with two double beds and a black and white television set. Originally designed as a classic motel with six two-story buildings with exterior entrances, within a few years a 100-room addition of a five-story tower was added with space for restaurants, meeting rooms, and a rooftop lounge. A new lobby was added, along with a swimming pool that could be converted to an ice rink in the winter. Original rates were $8 per night plus $1 for each person, with a maximum charge of $12. Check-in was outside so the clerk could see how many were in the guests' car.  Clerks would then escort the guests to their room by bicycle.


My work schedule often made my hours erratic, and the weather never seemed to cooperate. After a 15 hour day at the job, I walked out the River Entrance to see that several feet of snow covered the parking area and traffic was at a crawl. I decided to stay at the hotel ], and using my government discount, got a room for less than $30 a night. I walked in the snow to the hotel and checked in. I then collapsed into bed and fell fast asleep, forgetting to set the alarm. My body clock woke we up at 5 am, and I got dressed, and walked over the Pentagon for another 15-hour work day.