At the Villa of Reduced Maintenance

Discussion created by anadyr on Oct 25, 2017

villa.jpgSorry dear Alexander McCall Smith, Scottish medical ethicist and novelist of world-wide fame.  Your book, At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances, is a great read.


But, having stayed at the Residence Inn, Palm Desert CA, almost 30 times, I find that some maintenance issues need to be identified (which I have) and corrected, which have not been. The RI has gone through several management changes, and the manager has been gone almost as soon as he or she arrives. Almost a year ago we noticed that the door frame molding on the patio door was falling apart. We called engineering and was told that it was a summer (off season) repair that would be done. In addition, one window was cracked and the jagged edge was still there in the lower corner of the window. Same call, same non-result.


We just stayed at the same location last week, in a room that we'd been in before and the patio door glass molding was still missing.  Alas, the calls for summer maintenance went unheeded. There was a hole in the screen but the window had been replaced.  While we continue to stay here for a number of reasons, we have to be intrigued by the state of non-repair at this facility.