Canadians do not get Elite Stays with credit card use.

Discussion created by nc1976 on Oct 24, 2017
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I'm a Platinum Elite member, but due to family issues, I may not even make Gold this year with hotel stays.  However, I wasn't worried as I figured my credit card spending ($3000. for 1 night stay) would give me enough stays to at least maintain Gold Status.   I wondered why I never saw the Elite credits applied to my account, and everytime I called Marriott Rewards, was told it would come later.   Finally, someone told me I must call the number on the back of my credit card.   How surprised and disappointed was I to learn that Elite night stay credits for $3000. spend do not apply to my CANADIAN issued Marriott Rewards Premier card which looks exactly the same as the American version.   This is not stated anywhere on the website, and I feel this is entirely misleading.   I could have spent all that money on another points earning card.   In fact, I was told this card was discontinued and no longer offered by Marriott, only the identical looking U.S. card which is only available to people with a U.S. address.

I find this very odd as I have several Canadian colleagues who have told me they have arrived at their status through a combination of stays and credit card spending. 

Marriott was adamant that I wasn't entitled, even though there are many areas on the website that say I would get the credits, and nowhere does it state that it applies only the U.S. version of the card.   SHAME on Marriott!!