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What to use my points on (twist on the old question)

Question asked by john_thai on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by rlswider

Yeah, I know, asked and answered. But things just changed for me and I'm undecided. I'm LTP and have earned millions of points but I've never used them at a Marriott property. I have always transferred my points to United. Between Marriott points, United points, and points on my CCs I have always been able to upgrade myself to First Class between SFO and Bangkok. Pay for Business, fly in First. And I've loved it.


But United just did away with First Class TPAC. They've got this new Polaris Class which is a hybrid of First and Business. Seats are fine, no complaints. But suddenly I've got no dedicated use for my points.


Marriott shopping with the points seems like a rip off. I get upgraded because of my status.


Those of you super frequent travelers who are lifetime everything, what do you do with your points?