London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch is terrible!!!!!!!!!!

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This is just an overview ... we were told the hotel has nothing more to say other than they corrected the problem ... WE DO NOT THINK SO BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO INTO THIS PATTERN ... London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch

The hotel required 100% payment at check-in and the person that checked us in said he was charging the credit card for one night and 50 pounds ... the card was charged $4,000.00 for our week stay at check-in and we found this out by accident.

The hotel restaurant was under construction and there was no notification prior to our stay. When eating in the makeshift conference room the food was out and it took over 1/2 hour to refill.

The executive level lounge was open to children - MANY children all over the place during breakfast and afternoon snack time ... the children would come in after meals with paper bags and fill them up with the drinks and whatever snacks were left out. Not what I've ever experienced in an executive lounge.

The executive lounge was on the 12th floor and we were on the 9th floor. There was no bathroom in the executive lounge nor on the 12th floor ... you had to go to your room to use the bathroom.

There was no bathroom in the hotel lobby and you had to go to your room or the mezzanine.

We were a party of 3 ladies and the room was NEVER set up for three ... we had to call down every night for the week we stayed to get an extra washcloth and/or glasses and then delivered everything but the washcloths and glasses ... the room was not cleaned properly and the bathroom floor was dirty ... on the last day of our stay, Saturday, the room was properly cleaned and set for 3 people.

The staff was very rude to say the least.  There was a patio built on the side of the hotel for the all night smoking of the water pipes and there was food service all night.  We were told that the hotel make enough money from this that they didn't need to make any money on the hotel.

We expressed our concern with the surrounding area and were told everything was safe ... however, when told how to get anywhere we were given diverted and longer walking directions vs going through the surrounding area.

The hotel website is very wrong about the distance to places of interest ... very wrong ... as is the hotel website about many items ... no mention about paying the entire stay.

Why did I receive an upgrade notification when I was told by the hotel when checking in that we had the best room?

The concierge  was very helpful. I wrote to him about the overcharging from was quoted for three of our car drivers: Per the emails below from you and my confirmation we were quoted $745.30 total for the Dover transportation and were charged $964.54 ... we did not know the conversion from pounds to dollars when signing for the charges and feel . I was able to see the amounts on the credit card statement today when reviewing my accounts. The driver charged E100.00 from the hotel to Heathrow 8/6 ... was not the quote.

This is the breakdown of the charges ... charges are excessive even considering a tip.

7/15 from Heathrow to Dover charged $464.70

7/29 from Dover to hotel charged $499.84

8/6 from hotel to Heathrow charged 100.00 Pounds

When we were heading to Heathrow Ms. H had to look up what terminal...

we were all dropped off at her terminal ... Ms. Y and my terminal were miles away. Thankfully BA services helped us relocate Ms. Y and me to the correct terminal. I would recommend that when transportation is

scheduled the concierge and/or the drivers check the flights and know the terminals. Would help travelers who are unfamiliar with the airports and the city. The transportation prices to and from the theater/restaurants were charged as quoted and were by other drivers