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Question asked by j512cla on Oct 24, 2017
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My question(s) pertains to the executive/concierge lounge's.  I travel a lot aboard Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc. Why is it that in the lounges anywhere it is offered, that we are always taking care of so well.  For instance, there is always an attendant and a hostess in these lounges to welcome you. They offer a variety of a layout buffet, your typical american breakfast in most cases, or their country's breakfast.  I only eat egg whites, and if there isn't already a chef at the omelet station the attendant will run down to get our egg whites. There is also a afternoon tea delight and a nightcap with complimentary alcohol beverages. In the USA, we are offered the breakfast, but it seems more told whatever is out there are the only things we can eat from there, if you want egg whites, I can request room service and they can take it up to lounge. There are times, happy hour but you must pay for any beverages.  Why is it, that the hospitality and great customer service is provided everywhere in the world except where the actual headquarters is at in America?


P.S. my last stay was in Burbank and I asked for egg white, the poor man said not today but tomorrow he would get me egg whites.  The next morning he brought me 2 cold hard boiled eggs and said just eat the white and throw away the yolk. 

@arnesorenson thank you