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Using Hotel Air package at Atlantis

Question asked by seanjaz on Oct 21, 2017

I have been saving points for a Hotel Air Package at the Atlantis Cover


It's a category 9, and I want to use the 390k package, where I will get 7 nights, and 100k points


I first called the Atlantis, and they said they wanted something like 360k points just for the hotel.  I told them I wanted the hotel air package, and they had no idea what I was talking about.


I then called Marriott reservations, and got amazingly helpful agent, who asked questions, put me on hold to call the property, and somehow came back and told me the reservations is booked.


The next day, I checked the reservation, and at the bottom it read something to the effect that three upgrade certificates per night are required,


I called them up to find out what that means, and was informed the reservation was cancelled!


I asked them to reinstate it, and they said they could not!


So, I called Marriott again, explained the situation, and we got on a three way conference call.


They explained that they do not offer standard awards, and require upgrade certificates per night in additional to the air plus hotel package


So my question/complaint is this.  Why is Marriott allowing the Atlantis to make up their own rules and make a mockery out of the Marriott Rewards program?  Should Marriott have an * next to the Air Hotel package that states these rewards do not apply to the Atlantis?