The defenestration of everything

Discussion created by anadyr on Oct 20, 2017

Yes that does mean throwing something of someone out a window.  Most times we take the act of getting less for granted, but it's reaching epidemic proportions I fear. When I see "new and improved" on anything, I tremble. When I hear that something is "reinvented," I wonder if that's a good thing.


All this leads to what I hope is a relevant point for this Insiders post: Harken back to the early,  glory days of the Marriott loyalty program--was there some feature that made the program exceptional? If so, what was that feature?  I recall that before levels of rewards members, before Concierge Lounges, before points, there was a concerted effort at the Marriott hotels that no guest would even leave unsatisfied. Sadly, that seems to have gone with the wind.


I hope to have you all respond with other reminisces.