Rewards for Resort Fees

Discussion created by d_b_l on Oct 19, 2017
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After my last stay at the Orlando World Center Marriott for two nights, I noticed that I was not awarded points correctly for my stay.  At $129 a night for two nights, I was only given 1490 base points.  I can kind of understand why I was only given credit for one night, since I was supposed to only stay one night, then the day I was supposed to check out i requested an additional day, and the front desk person who helped me, for some odd reason, did not include my rewards number for the second night.  Regardless, I looked at the bill that was posted on my account, and I gathered that the 1490 base points were because of the $129 room rate, and the $20 resort fee. 


When I called customer service to have this straightened out, the first person to help me saw that I was not awarded the second night due to the rewards account oversight.  After the call was over, I still felt like I was not awarded enough points.  This time, I was awarded 2580 base points from the room rates, but credit for the resort fee was removed.  I called customer service again, and was informed that the first time the resort fee was included as part of my points was done in error, since resort fees do not count towards points.  He did point out that I also did not receive points for valet parking, and I should have, so another adjustment was made.


After the second phone call, I decided to thoroughly read through the rewards terms and conditions.  Nowhere does it say that resort fees are not awarded points.  It only mentions taxes applied to the room, and resort fees are not taxes.  My question is, was the guy helping me mistaken when he said that resort fees do not count towards rewards points???  It would certainly seem that he was.