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Platinum Challenge Question

Question asked by ryan.johnsen on Oct 19, 2017
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I have some questions and I am hoping that you can help.


I am planning on attempting to complete the Marriott Platinum Challenge.  However, I have some questions that need to be answered.  I have attempted to get the answers from the Marriott Rewards Customer Service number on four different occasions and have received four different answers...   So, here we go...


So the way that I understand it is that you have to complete 9 paid stays in 3 months. (A "stay" is defined as any consecutive days from check in to check out at the same hotel.)


I am looking at starting on November 2nd, 2017 or so and finishing the last stay on the night of February 2nd (or longer if I have more time)


The first rep told me that I have 3 calendar months to finish, so if I start on November 2nd I am good as long as I finish by February 2nd, I would be good to have platinum until 01/31/2020 as long as I finish after January 31st and before the expiration of the challenge, which if is exactly three calendar months would be February 2nd?


The second rep said that I would have the "rest of November since it was not a full month" and then I would have all of December, January, and February to finish it, and then I would have the status until 01/31/2020.


The third told me that even if I enrolled at the end of November (we plugged in multiple dates in November with the last being November 27th), the computer that he was entering the dates into tells him that the challenge would expire 01/31/2018, which would mean that I would only have 2 months and less than a week to finish it. He also stated that my status would only be good until 01/31/2019 since expiring before February. He seemed offended when I explained that that could not be the case, due to the fact that a company would not give someone a "3 month Challenge" but then only give them 2 months and 3 days to complete the challenge.


The forth rep stated that the challenge is based on the beginning date and not the completion. If that was the case, then the status date would then be based on November 2017 and then there would be no way for me to complete the challenge after the goal date of 01/31/2018 to maximize my Platinum status (until 01/31/2020). After asking her to help guide me to the terms and agreements stating the program details (so that I could see it in writing) she explained that she was reading the notes on the program on her computer and it was not available on my end.  After she read aloud the details for the challenge, it appeared to be to be inline with the 1st or second rep and it seems that she might have come to that conclusion as well.


If I call in to the Marriott Rewards Customer Service and accept the challenge on November 2nd, is it effective immediately, and would a stay on that same day count?


I am hoping to get the answers I need in order to make upcoming travel plans.


Please help.  Thank you!!