Marriott response to KRACK WIFI attack

Discussion created by nipper on Oct 18, 2017
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If you have not heard about KRACK,  you will be. Homeland Security made an announcement on Monday and it isn't pretty.


There is a vulnerability in public WIFI that allows criminals to snoop through supposedly encrypted packets found on public WIFI sites (specifically WPA and WPA2 sites)


Basically I have been told by my company to not use hotel/airport/other public WIFI unless it is certain the hardware they use has fixed this vulnerability. Under no circumstances am I to connect to corporate VPN or use a credit card over a public WIFI.



I really hope our admins can find out an official statement about the WIFI in properties  and the plan to get this addressed.


There is a lot of speculation that it may take years to address.  Assuming all properties have the same wifi routers and can be updated remotely this could take weeks/months.  However firmware or hardware upgrades will take very long.


This is going to get ugly. I really wish Marriott still had the plug in network. You will see a lot of people use the phone or other hot spots now.