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On my recent trip to the NY Marriott, Brooklyn Bridge, we ran into a few problems, but three Marriott associates were so helpful that they made the trip a good one.  They are the primary reasons that we will return to this hotel.


The M Club is extremely nice but the facility is clearly understaffed.  The staff was constantly hustling but they could not keep up.  Tables were often dirty, and the floor often had trash.  Nevertheless Leonard provided great service and made certain that we had everything we needed.


Austin Jones attempted (successfully) to apologize for the poor condition of the M Club on Sunday night by treating us to dinner in The Bar on Monday.  It was a delightful surprise and dramatically exceeded the extent of the complaint.


We had a serious plumbing problem in our room, on Wednesday morning.  I called the front desk and explained that we needed someone right away.  After 10 minutes, no one had come, so I called back and asked for a manager.  The only manager available was Richard Schloss, the restaurant manager.  He didn't say "not my department", but rather took charge of the situation.  Within two minutes someone was at our door.  He turned off the offending faucet and then took about 10 minutes to come back with the needed parts.  The problem was completely fixed about 10 minutes after that,


These three Marriott associates all went above and beyond what is generally expected.


I nominate them all for Spirit to Serve awards.  They exemplify the reasons that I have been a satisfied Marriott customer for more than 50 years.