The Most Important Meal of the day.....

Discussion created by normanp on Oct 18, 2017
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or so I was always told as a child. At home my normal breakfast consists of fruit juice, cereal or porridge and fresh fruit. Put me in a hotel,  after my early morning gym session, however, and breakfast becomes a real meal to be enjoyed. Of course, there are hotel breakfasts and hotel breakfasts. For me, the perfect breakfast consists of a good freshly made orange juice, porridge with honey followed by the "main event". I can never make my mind up about what is my favourite - I love a traditional UK breakfast (yes, even including the black pudding), but I also love smoked salmon and cheese, cold cuts and even kippers (one of my favourite breakfasts is a masala dhosa, asouth Indian savoury rice pancake nowadays available across much of India and the middle east) - -  any of these would ideally be accompanied by a good tomato juice with Worcestershire Sauce (L&P of course). During a long stay I will try all of these. My pet hates are bowls of scrambled eggs kept on a hotplate and the absence of a choice of fruit juices. I do enjoy a good leisurely peppermint tea with a pain au chocolat to finish off the perfect start to the day. In Canada I have experienced waffles with good maple syrup and thoroughly enjoyed them, though I can't quite get used to maple syrup with my bacon - maybe I need more practice! Anyway as a "mostly"  retired person, I have time to indulge in a good breakfast experience (where available, of course - I've also endured some truly awful breakfasts!). I'd be very interested to learn about other Insiders favourite breakfast experiences and of course their pet hates.