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Points lost due to inactivity inspite of points not being awarded for 3 stays during this period.

Question asked by pradiptya_ghosh on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by communitymanagers

Points for my 3 stays at Marriott over last 2 years were missing on reward program. Then my previous points got canceled due to inactivity for 2 years.

I sent the folios of those 3 stays and the customer rep said it is my responsibility to track and request within 1 year of stay. Hence he cannot help to not only give points for the 3 stays but also cannot undo the loss of all previous awarded points due to inactivity.

I find it disturbing that Marriott made mistake awarding the points for the 3 stays and then in spite of their error, removed even the older points and are not willing to fix that.


Where could I escalate this issue?