Suggestions for "playing the game"?

Discussion created by mightythor on Oct 16, 2017
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In roughly 1.5 years, have accumulated right at 500K points; my current breakdown is as follows:


Visa                                                            40.64%

Actual stays                                                28.18%

Megabonus                                                 16.32%

Platinum bonus                                           11.15%

Other (welcome pts/old shopmyway,etc)      2.55%

Social Media                                                  1.16%


Most of these are self explanatory; the Visa breaks out roughly like:

Visa sign on bonus                                 87,500

Marriott charges                                      76,000

Visa Dining (also earning AA miles)         3,000 (ok, I know I don't dine out much, and I don't drink, so......)

all other visa charge                                37,000

(all other includes grocery shopping, gasoline purchases, major home improvements, and various others)


What points opportunities might I be missing?; I don't mind "playing the game", in fact, it is kind of fun at times.  I am certainly open to suggestions, as my long term goal is to get to LTP (have another 6 years to accomplish, basically), and assuming the "rules" don't change with the merger, getting to the 750 nights will not be an issue - but getting to those 2M points will be the challenge.  Look forward to feedback. Thanks.