Credit Card Grocery List

Discussion created by donaldtrump on Oct 16, 2017

For those of us who are infrequent hotel guests (30 or less nights per year) who would like to earn free Marriott/SPG stays using grocery category rewards transferred to Marriott, we currently don't have good options. Hilton does.


If AMEX gets the new contract and copies the Hilton 1:1.5 ratio, I'd get the Everyday Preferred. Or AMEX could copy the Hilton Surpass grocery formula and free night for Marriott's card and I'd get that.


Or Chase could create a 3x grocery card and Marriott could change it's points to a Hyatt like ratio. And add a better grocery bonus category to the personal card.


If not, I'm sticking with Hyatt, Blue Cash Preferred and and using Marriott/SPG as last resorts.


I just got the SPG biz card so I could stay at the Denver Airport Westin (check out it's design and pool!)


Long term, the SPG non-bonus category ratio is ok, but will people keep it?