Atlantis - Dissapointing

Discussion created by dannyesenia on Oct 17, 2017
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I need to start by saying that I used my points to pay for this stay, which was frustrating enough, if I would have paid my own money I'd be even more upset. I stayed at Royal Towers...18th floor.


The people and service were overall very nice, although service in restaurants weren't that great...and this isn't even the busy season! But as a whole the hotels employees we're very friendly!


ROOM - great view and size of room, but that's basically where it ends.  It was showing pretty bad wear and tear, it was dated with showers and bathroom I would expect at a Residence Inn.  Stained carpets and ceilings, stucco falling off the wall outside on the balcony, dirty furniture, etc.  Just not a great experience, which is a shame because the view was amazing!


SPA - my wife and I got a couples massage which was great, pricey but great masseuses.  However, none of the amenities that are supposed to be "included" and people pay $40 a day for worked! Jacuzzi's didn't work, (no bubbles or heat) sauna didn't work.  The only one that worked was the steam room...unfortunately I was most looking forward to the Jacuzzi soak!  Talked to some regulars in the waiting room and they said the jacuzzi's haven't worked for at least a year, they've been 4 times in the past 18 months and it hasn't worked....that's pathetic!


FOOD - Holy cow, it was expensive!  You expect to pay more of course at these types of resorts and my wife and I frequent JW's, Ritz Carlton's, nice Hilton's, and other Disney like resorts, etc - these food prices in many cases we're ridiculous!  I paid $95 for a breakfast buffet for 2 people!  The problem with them including the "gratuity" is that you get no good service because they know they get 15% on everything already.  And I mean EVERYTHING, (water, chocolate, a pencil, a burger, an apple, they get built in tips on everything) which is BS IMO...if I walk up to the counter and order a $20 cheeseburger, why should they get a $3 tip for reaching behind them and handing me a burger!?


CONDITION - Overall, some of the property was dated and needed a makeover...especially as you make your way over towards the beach towers.  That's like the land that time forgot.  They try and make it an exclusive property and maybe it was 10 years ago, but it's fallen behind for sure.  The security people don't even check for room keys as they pretend to do.


AMENITIES - Pools were nice, never enough seating though and it wasn't even busy season.  They had 2 pools closed which squished everyone into the same areas. Spa was nice, except the amenities didn't work. Comedy club was good, small and there were only like 12 of us in the show, but it was ok.  Although they should serve some food there, not just drinks...snacks at least would be good. Waterpark was good. Beaches were good, although some of the beach chairs were worn down and aged. Marina Village area was nice, although you need to know what restaurants are opened/closed before walking all the way over there.  The desk in our tower was never manned which is designed to "save you a trip" to the main front desk.


All in all, we did have a good time and enjoyed ourselves regardless, but I likely would never return...for what you pay there and what you get...you can do better in a lot of places.  It's not up to Marriott standards in my opinion, certainly not resort standards. It's too bad because it's one of those places that if you've never been people always build it up to be a great property, and like I said, 10 years ago it probably was a bit ahead of its time...but its been passed now and is showing its age pretty poorly.  If I had to do all over again for the money I spent there, especially considering I used my points, I couldn't have been more disappointed...I would have gone somewhere else.  Other than the people trying to be nice and the free bottled water coupons...I would give this place a 3 out of 10.