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Is the best rate guarantee a joke? Marriott asking for my login information for another site.

Question asked by kellyd on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by seatexan

Is the price guarantee a joke?  I booked a hotel through Marriott, which was $341/night.  While reading reviews on the hotel, I found the same hotel for my same dates for $184/night.  I read up on the guarantee, then booked through the other site as well, and emailed the price guarantee email.  They say they can't confirm the rate (even though it's still showing on Trip Advisor at the lesser rate), and are asking for my travelocity log in and password to verify the rate.  I'm shocked Marriott would ask for someone's information like that, but I couldn't even give them that information if I wanted to, because I didn't have to create an account when I booked my room. 


Is this for real? I've almost always had fantastic service with Marriott, so it was a shock to me that they completely disregarded easily verifiable information then asked for my sign-on information.


What's your experience with this program?