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How do you thank Marriott employees that go out of their way for you?

Question asked by msannmcd on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by msannmcd

I go to DC a lot and try to stay at the same hotel if possible. After 5 years I've gotten to know a lot of people there. When I need a full week I often email and ask if they can help. Unless Microsoft or some convention has taken over the whole city, they usually accommodate me. As a result, I have taken to bringing thank you gifts from time to time - Saltwater Taffy from Rockport, Chocolates from Ye Olde Pepper Company, Lindors Truffles, Refrigerator Magnets from Salem or Boston, etc. They usually come with a hand written thank you note as well. Granted, many of these folks have become like a second family to me and this hotel my home away from home.


Anyway, I'm just curious of others give thank you gifts of cards. Thanks in advance for chiming in!