Suggestion for Platinum Premier Perk

Discussion created by keglerbill on Oct 12, 2017
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Since Platinum Premier members get little more than a special phone number to call -- here's an idea that would make those members feel as though they are getting something extra, with little on no cost or heartburn to the Marriott company.


Why not grant PP members access to the Club Lounges at Ritz-Carlton properties?


Though I like the customer service at the Ritz, the facilities, and the status of staying there, I don't stay at the Ritz because they don't offer lounge access to lowly Marriott Rewards members.


PP is touted as being just the top 3% of all Platinum members. That is a relatively small number of people. Surely, allowing PP members into Ritz lounges would not overwhelm them, or create a significant cost. If anything, it would increase demand for their hotels. Access to Ritz lounges would make me want to book the Ritz when possible.