Lounge Review - Renaissance Tulsa

Discussion created by bejacob on Oct 10, 2017
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Where are you, Non-Bob? ... Renaissance Tulsa, OK


And what's the lounge like? Quite nice. Top floor of the hotel. Roomy, though not large. Unless there are lots of Golds and Platinums here for the neighboring convention center, it's not likely to get crowded.


How's the evening food? Also quite nice. Salad, fruit, cheese, crackers, and a warm entree. Could be Mexican, Italian, or good old meat and potatoes. Easy to make a meal. No one will go hungry here.


Any free alcohol? Nope. US lounges don't offer free booze, though there is a decent honor bar.


What are the hours? 6am - 10pm Monday - Thursday. Breakfast only on Friday. Closed Saturday. 4pm - 10pm on Sunday. The door card readers are disabled when the lounge is closed, so no sneaking in for a bottle of water. You can get that at the front desk, though.


Are they being meanies and closing the lounge on weekends? Indeed they are. 


How about Gold/Platinum breakfast? Typical CL fare. Eggs, bacon or sausage, oatmeal, fruit, cold cereal. Nothing fancy, though plenty of options.


Upgrades? Yep. Got a nice corner suite with a balcony.


Late checkout? Didn't need it, but it was available.


Comments... Good solid effort by the Renaissance Tulsa. While you might not be amazed, you will not be disappointed. Hey, did I mention this is a category 4 property? There are some category 8's that don't have this good a lounge.


So, I'm in the concierge lounge at the Renaissance Tulsa and it's really good. 4/5