Spirit to Serve - The New York Edition

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Paul at The New York Edition (Clocktower restaurant) absolutely deserves the Spirit to Serve Award.  We were going to breakfast in the hotel, and before going in the restaurant, we asked about the breakfast options.  Paul knew immediately that the breakfast/brunch options at the Clocktower restaurant may not have worked with our schedule based on how busy they were at the time.  Instead of trying to talk us into staying at his restaurant, he quickly recommended a restaurant in walking distance - Upland.  Not only did he recommend the restaurant, he called them and asked them about their availability - and they were swamped.  He proceeded to ask them could they squeeze us in, as he was sending us directly down there based on his recommendation, and they accommodated his request for us, letting us know it may take up to 20 minutes to get us in.  Paul did not stop there, he then gave us perfect walking directions, gave us the name of the Upland contact, and sent us on our way.  Once we got to the restaurant, we asked for the POC Paul gave us, and she'd held a table for us and we were seated immediately.


After breakfast/brunch, we returned to the hotel, back to the Clocktower restaurant to thank Paul.  He wasn't at the desk, but his associate called him back to the desk - for those that have never been, the restaurant has it's own 'front desk' prior to entering the restaurant.  Before we could thank Paul, he proceeded to ask us how our brunch turned out and how long did it take for us to be seated.  We then had about a 5-10 minute conversation with him and his associate, and thanked them both for their hospitality.  If you ever have the opportunity to stay at the New York Edition and go to the Clocktower restaurant, be sure to ask for Paul.


I know Edition is a Ritz-Carlton branded hotel, so I'm hoping Paul is eligible for recognition!