Deltas in distress

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With Delta-branded stays making up 50% of all my Marriott stays, I'm starting to see how quality levels can differ between different Delta properties. With the Delta Quebec City and the Delta Montreal being my favorites, my last two Delta stays at St. John NB and Trois-Rivières QC were definitely my new low.


Delta "Brunswich-Inn" St. John NB:

  • Our corporate group arranged the Delta to be our official conference hotel months in advance (like ~8 months, if I'm not mistaken). However, no word on renovations upon booking. Only upon arrival we discover that many amenities of the hotel are inaccessible (lounge, pool, "health club") due to the renovations.
  • No view. I call down to the reception immediately after entering my room. Being a Platinum Elite, shouldn't I be getting a room with a view? Something more interesting than the inner roof (with standing water) of the shopping mall that is underneath the hotel? "No Sir, nothing available, we're fully booked." So the people from the cruise ship get a view, my fellow conference attendees without Marriott Rewards membership get a view. But the Platinum member doesn't get a view. Despite a letter from the GM that wants every guest to have a 10/10 experience (which looks very beaten up from being reused).
  • Newly renovated room. Ok, at least I got that. No Club Signature floor to be found. The bathroom looks like it was skipped in the renovation plans. And in any case, the newly renovated room as a standard is still far beneath the standard set by other Delta properties. They cheaped out big time. The mattress and bed linen looked incredibly worn down. But part of the room was just emptiness, where other properties would've taken the opportunity to add a lounge chair or sofa.
  • No upgrades. Reception says they don't have suites. Even the conference administration was offered 5 suite upgrade certs, but they couldn't use them. Except the day that I check out, housekeeping is cleaning the room closest to the elevator. I peak in and see a huge living room. No suites, 'ey?
  • The pool finally opens half-way our conference stay. Renovations have finished. Except, the pool was left untouched. Still ceramic tiles missing in the hot tub.
  • Elite breakfast coupon awkwardness. I don't know what triggered it, but I always ask if the gratuities are included in the Elite member breakfast coupon. Usually the answer is yes, however, here the lady was so happy I asked, because they are the only Delta property where there are 0 gratuities included. Most elites don't ask and assume and the personnel won't bring it up unless asked about it. Big hit on their tips.
  • Not sure what's going on with the doors, but in a 5-night stay, I had to get both my key cards re-programmed twice!
  • Just like the baggage claim is the airline's last chance to disappoint. Delta St John definitely found its own version: I got heavily shortchanged on my MR points and that final version of the client folio that was promised to be sent by email never came. I had to send two emails to get them to correct the points, but they didn't reply with an apology. Hell, I just wrote my third email asking if that folio can finally come my way.


Delta Trois-Rivières QC:

  • Again: renovations. No problem, rooms look great! Suites not available at this time though. But the heavy machines start rolling as of 6 AM. Luckily I had to be up by 6:10. But it is not announced on the website (only that their conference center is being renovated, and this, written in French on the English website), but there is a hard-to-find notice when you look up the property in the app.
  • Due to the renovation, their regular parking is not available, so they refer everyone to a municipal parking garage one block away. But when front desk asks if we need parking and I point to the huge truck, it's rather silly that we're still being directed to a parking garage so low that I can just stand up straight (limit 1m91 = 6' 3")
  • Check-in experience: as if it's already not sad enough that I have to share a room with a colleague, the Delta ignores the 2-bed reservation and gives us a room with 1 king bed. "Oh sorry, we wanted to upgrade you." Really!?
  • No lounge. Just Elite breakfast certs or points. I take the certs. Not sure if the lounge is closed due to renovations or just non-existent. Every time I ask if the hotel has an amenity, the answer is: "we don't have it." If I were in charge of customer service, the answer would've been: "I'm sorry, but it is temporarily closed due to renovations. We look forward to you come back to try it out in its full splendor next year."
  • Again I'm shortchanged on points. 63 base points while I spent 127$ in the restaurant. The client booked my room through a third-party corporate travel planner, so probably not going to see points for the room charge, but at least get me full points for all that I've spent in the restaurant.
  • They forget to post my PAG. They never offered it in the first place, but in stead I made sure that my elite breakfast coupons were on top of my 500pts PAG, which the reception desk employee confirmed. Just sent an email asking how they propose to make up for it. Normally I'm not trying to scrooge on points, but my last two stays just left me frustrated enough for me to dig in my heels.