Marriott strikes zero for rewarding bonus points.

Discussion created by stackswood on Oct 6, 2017
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I am Marriott Gold and my wife is Silver. Between the two of us Marriott has either not posted any points or incorrectly posted points on 4 of our stays in September.  And after the absolute worst experience at the Jacksonville Marriott I've ever had I'm really thinking about changing up loyalty programs! 

My two most recent screw ups, first the New Orleans Marriott.  I booked under a promotional rate that included 2500 bonus points per night.  Well I received my elite nights credit and points for my bill at the bar........but that's it? No points for the cost of my room and no promotional points.  That's a little less than 5k points I'm shorted.  I will say however that we really liked this hotel! Nice rooms, very friendly and efficient staff and a great concierge lounge. 

The stay prior to that was at the Jacksonville, Mississippi Downtown Marriott.  What an awful experience!!! Went to check in and they have no record of my reservation? I produced my reservation confirmation # as well as confirmation email and nothing.  The girls checking us in were very rude and for over 30 minutes no explanation of why they couldn't find our reservation.  Finally they got a manager who informed us that their system was having problems and that all the reservations booked under the 1000 bonus points rate were disappearing.  We stood around for another 30 minutes while they messed with their computers.  They finally decided to just reebook us, assuring us that we would receive  the bonus points.  So now more than an hour later we finally were given a room key; to an old, worn down and dirty room.  No upgrade, no higher floor.......nothing.  Awful experience and of course upon the points posting for this stay we did not receive the bonus points.  We just paid a higher rate for terrible customer service, a very long wait to get checked in and a terrible room. 

I am currently on the phone right now with Marriott Rewards customer service trying to get this straightened out.  My phone says I've been on the phone 54 minutes and still holding while they are working to get the issues resolved.   From experience it won't happen with this phone call, it will take more calls as well as emails to actually get the points I was promised. 

So I guess my question for everyone you book under promotional rates and if so, do you actually get the points promised? I'm beginning to think these extra points are not worth the hassle I have to go through to receive them?  Thoughts?