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Bath or Shower?

Question asked by brianandlin on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by pluto77

I am an elderly, somewhat overweight, hotel customer. A couple of years ago I was taking a shower in an over bath shower in the Sheraton Krakow when my feet slipped on the bath surface and I fell into the tub, banging my head on the bath side and cutting it open enough to need medical treatment. I also demolished the shower curtain and rail.

Most modern hotels either have a separate walk in shower and a bath or only have a shower. Many of the older hotels still have baths with showers over them which I feel are dangerous to elderly guests( I believe that several people die each year as a result of falls in these showers.) I feel that all hotels should provide sufficient rooms with either showers only or with walk in showers to offer the choice for guests.

What is your opinion?