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I received an email from  Marriott Rewards Program Risk Team

Question asked by louis.begin on Oct 5, 2017
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The email reads:


Dear Marriott Rewards Member:

You have been identified as a legacy Starwood/Marriott International associate with a SPG account in ‘Employee/Associate’ status linked to a Marriott Rewards account in earning status.

Per Marriott Rewards T&Cs, Marriott International associates are only eligible to earn points on US and Canada co-branded credit card spend. Thus effective immediately, your Marriott Rewards account will be updated to Employee/Associate status and future earnings will only occur per program T&Cs.

Please refer to the below communication:

Thank you for your awareness of our efforts to safeguard the integrity of the Rewards Program.


I am not a Marriott/Starwood Employee Associate so I'd like some guidance on how to rectify this please.




Louis Begin

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