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Breakfast vegetable patties!

Question asked by sapello on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by erc

Two weeks ago I was at the Town Place in downtown Denver.  For breakfast they served "veggie" patties instead of Canadian bacon, bacon, or sausage.  They were POSITIVELY disgusting.  During our 30 minute breakfast we watched and of the 25+ people that ate breakfast only 2 tried the patties.  Neither person finished them. I am a Lifetime Platinum with 65 days of credit this year and have never seen these things at any Marriott property.  Is this a Colorado thing?  When we checked out, I asked about the patties and was told that the facility was trying to accommodate their vegetarian and Vegan customers.  I don't mind them doing that, but what about the vast majority of your cliental???  When I posed this question to Marriott, I did not get a response.  Has anyone else run into these disgusting things?