Do not trust Marriott promises, unless you receive a written note!!!!!!!

Discussion created by kanjur on Oct 4, 2017
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Do not trust Marriott promises, unless you receive a written note!!!!!!!  I am loyal to Marriott for last 11 years, without any tags i always advice my clients, my team members, friends and relatives to stay in Marriott properties. I personally see my colleagues who encouraged by me becoming gold members. I had a bad incident at Pleasanton Marriott in December 2013, as a result my compliant went up to chairman office as i almost lost my job due to miss-judgement of a Pleasanton Marriott Manager. Later Pleasanton Marriott GM called me couple of times and agreed get approvals to give me lifetime Marriott gold member with few points as curtesy. All his request was do not go to Chairman Office review as we can settle here. I completely trusted him, he also added bonus points to my account and made me Gold. I could not say more as i love staying in Marriott, just because of a person mistake i decided not to leave Marriott as i always believe for best. That was the big mistake I did as I completely trusted GM words and did not obtain written confirmation.

Recently i realized Marriott was charging $4.95 for Internet and today (10/4/2017) i am at Marriott Southfield Detroit which is second time i am staying here in last two months. The front office staff rejected to allow me in to Concierge as
i am only Silver member. I try to provide clarification that last time with in two months i stayed here and i had access to concierge. I got a response i was gold member two months back and now i am not.

I do not believe i stayed 50 nights for every year starting from 2014 to continue Gold, i did not face access to concierge or internet charges. When i asked for clarification, i got the response your status was downgraded. When i called Marriott support, i got a response that what was promised was given to you as we could not able to go to 2013 records. No one is going review how come i was gold for last three years without any challenge and how my status changed to silver in Sep 2017.

Thanks Marriott for your treatment and braking your own promise to your loyal customers. Folks reading this blog, just be careful to obtain in writing any promise made by Marriott.